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Getting fit with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


The fitness level that MMA fighters like Fabricio Werdum, Roger Gracie and Demian Maia put on display every time they enter the octagon is ridiculously impressive. These are also the names who have mastered the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu beyond flawlessness.

Now their impeccable physical condition cannot solely be credited to this form of martial art. However, few can really deny all the benefits of BJJ—just how effective the art is in helping people to achieve the highest level of fitness.

Are you looking to improve your fitness level?


“Sweat at the Gym” was the foremost advice for everyone looking to get in shape. Want to shed some weight? Want to gain muscle? Want to get fit? Go to the gym!

Yes, few years back, gym was the ultimate answer to ‘everything fitness’. Not anymore.

Ever since the charm of Mixed Martial Art has gripped the attention and imagination of the mass audience, more and more people are changing their daily destination from gyms to MMA studios.

In fact, MMA is billed as one of the fastest growing sports, having a fan base spread across the world, unlike other sports like football and ice hockey that are limited to few countries.

So naturally, different forms of MMA have come into massive spotlight. While Boxing was always a favorite (thanks to Ali, Tyson and Rocky movies), BJJ is growing in popularity, especially among the young fitness enthused.


The art isn’t new. Been in existence for over a century now, BJJ focuses on grappling and ground fighting. Originally it was meant to help smaller and weaker people successfully defend themselves against bigger, stronger and heavier opponents using proper techniques. But today, it is widely practiced as a mean to get fit.


So even if you’re not planning to become a fighter or you don’t need to defend yourself from anyone bigger, you can (and should) opt for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Add it to your cardio session and enjoy optimum outcome. Drill, roll and practice on the mat; it’s going to stress your body, tolling it to the highest, and improving your endurance dramatically.

Mix your BJJ sessions with the right diet and you can easily tone down your muscle, getting the much-desired physique. Your core will be stronger, shoulders and chest bigger, and arms more built. If you want to gain muscles, combine it with strength training.


Not just physical, practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu every week and you’re going to feel its evident effect even on your emotional and mental state. It triggers subtle and positive psychological changes in the practitioners.

When practicing different ground techniques, neurochemicals are released in your body and hormones which makes you more aware, focused and productive. And this transforms into you feeling much better, healthier and happier. And unsurprisingly, how you feel inside, shapes how you look outside.

So if you’re looking to give your lifestyle a happy turn – to get fit and live happily – learn and practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Find a nice training facility and trainer, and start slow. Learn this form of Mixed Martial Art and enjoy better physical and mental fitness.